What is
There's just something about being in your 30s, am I right!? We are working like crazy, adulting like crazy, and never have any time. I created to be a place where we can get cute, high quality clothes for an affordable price.... so we can afford more important things like daycare. *insert eye roll*
About Me
Hi! I'm Cristina. I'm a 31 year-old wife, mother of a beautiful little girl (2 years old), shopper marketing guru, and certified group fitness instructor. I teach Zumba®, STRONG by Zumba®,
Pound®, Chisel, Kickboxing, and other cardio sculpting classes.
When I turned 30, my life changed. I had a baby, I was at a pivotal point in my career, my husband and I lived in an adorable beach house in Connecticut… we finally felt like we had everything under control. But I struggled with how to fit in everything I wanted and NEEDED to do in 1 day. There’s just never enough time.
One day, my world crashed over me in what felt like a tsunami of bad news. Everything went wrong for me that day. I cried out all my tears. Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. I needed to make a change.
I wanted to do something different that combined my expertise in marketing & advertising with my passion for fitness, wellness, AND fashion. I wanted to start something of my own.
Welcome to Thirtysomething. I’ve curated each item on here for quality & style at an affordable price.
Because being in your 30s is hard work.
Let's make it a little more fun.