10 Tips to GET FIT in 2020!

The holidays are behind us and it's time to get back to our routines and focus on our health and wellness. So much easier said than done. I get it. We're all busy! How do I find the time? How do I prioritize everything I have to do in 1 day to get to the gym? Oh... and how do I afford it all? 

I'm constantly the person overcommitting and completely exhausted at the end of the day, but feeling like I've accomplished nothing. This year, I'm committed to staying focused on the things that truly bring me joy (like fitness, my family, and my new business) and not overcommitting to things just because I want to make other people happy. 

Fitness is not only physically good for us, but mentally good for us as well. As an AFAA/NASM certified group fitness trainer, I work every day to help people of different ages, fitness levels, health issues, and backgrounds to not only get fit, but FEEL GOOD.

Guys.. we need to feel good about ourselves.

Let's get fit in 2020 and feel good about ourselves no matter what size, age, shape, race, religion, or political party we are.

Here are my 10 tips for getting fit this year:

1) Balance

Life is all about balance, right? I never say no to the things I really want and love. If I indulge one day, I counter it with a day of moderation. When we deprive ourselves of the things we love, we make them into objects of reward and mentally drive ourselves crazy! Eat the cake, have the wine, but then cut back the next day. 

2) Stop over exercising! 

I had to learn this one the hard way. I've always been very fit and an athlete, but only recently did I realize I was overdoing it. Turns out exercising 6-7 days a week was way too much for me. By cutting back on exercise, I've reduced some bulk and you know what... I feel SO much better. If you're an over-exerciser who thinks taking a rest day is too much, please just trust me and try it. I've cut back to ~4 days a week and it's wonderful. 

3) Give your body a reset

I'm not going to give dieting advice, BUT I have to tell you that I really believe in intermittent fasting. I feel it's a great way to reset your body after the holidays or a big weekend of indulging. Even just 1-2 days of intermittent fasting helps my body reset and I feel so much better.

4) Lower your stress

Again, easier said than done. A few years ago, I had a job that caused me so much stress that I actually developed a thyroid disease from it. Turns out that after I left that job, my levels started to improve and I realized that stress was the thing causing my body to spiral out of control. Work should not be that stressful, people!! Unless you're curing cancer, calm the F down.

5) Stop making excuses 

There are so many resources out there right now that you don't even NEED to go to a gym. You can get yourself a yoga mat and some very basic equipment and do awesome workouts at home. Peloton, YouTube, Instagram, and other fitness apps will give you more than enough guidance to get your butt up and get moving. Or go outside! I have a bunch of YouTube videos you can follow at the beach, the park, or your backyard. CLICK HERE.

6) Get some SLEEP

If you exercise, you will sleep better. Trust me. Your body will be tired and you'll get a more restful sleep. I usually try to aim for 7-8 hours and sometimes even 9. We've conditioned my daughter to be a good sleeper as well!  

7) Have some fun

Life is too short to not enjoy what you're doing. If you don't have fun at the gym, try making some friends at the gym or try a workout class! Having buddies and looking forward to class will really help motivate you to get moving, even on dark winter evenings when it's hard to get back out the door. 

8) Change it up

Don't get in a rut. And don't do the same workout over and over again. Try mixing up your week - perhaps a cardio workout on Monday, strength training on Wednesday, and a fun class on Friday and Saturday morning to keep your body from burning out and plateauing. Mixing up your workouts is incredibly important. Make sure you're got a mixture of both cardio AND strength training. 

9) Say NO

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a big one for me. I'm making a commitment to say NO in 2020. No, I will not go to 2 birthday parties on the same day just to make everyone happy. No, I will not go to _________ event because I need to just stay home and relax after a stressful week. Stop overcommitting so we have time for the things that we want to prioritize in our lives. 

10) Surround yourself with positive people who make you a better person

Let's encourage each other to be our best selves. There's too much negativity in the world and we need to be kinder to each other. 

I believe in YOU! Let's do this.